Brazzaville, Congo field hospital

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation has been funding a free hospital in the Republic of Congo since March 2012 after an ammunition depot explosion in the capital, Brazzaville, killed almost 300 people and injured or displaced 15,000.

The field hospital has 30 staff and two ambulances and provides free primary healthcare to thousands of local people including maternity care, treatment for malaria, HIV counselling as well as other general medical services.

The field hospital, tents and beds, all donated by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, were one of the few sources of medical help available to the victims following the explosion, and are now a major healthcare centre for the capital.

Since then the hospital has been treating 200 people a day thanks to a partnership with the local government, and there are discussions to develop a more permanent structure as well as an ambulance service in the long term.

Ivor Ichikowitz, founder of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, said:

"Our teams and equipment originally came to Congo in March 2012, a few days after the depot explosion, providing emergency care to the sick and wounded."

"Over the last year the field hospital has evolved into a general medical facility that is now providing essential primary care - particularly maternity and malaria care - to hundreds of local people free of charge."

"High quality accessible healthcare is absolutely essential to any country and we are proud to be working with the government to provide free services to many in need."

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