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Art: Confronting divisions

Nat (Nathaiel) Mokgosi: Where does one thing become another.

Art: Confronting divisions

August 2015

OFTEN when we begin to explore the notion of the "other" in art (and life) the nebulous thread of our perception unravels and we realise that things are not always as they seem. It’s for this reason that art is used as a conduit for open conversations around xenophobia in the forthcoming Art Crosses Borders — Conversations exhibition in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

It brings together works from emerging artists and veterans such as David Koloane, Nat Mokgosi and Winston Saoli. It interrogates "the nuances of borders", looking at where they lie, for example between countries and people, the past and the present, and the real and the imagined.

Take two of the works on the exhibition by way of example

In the first, by the late Saoli, we are offered the image of a woman clutching a disfigured effigy in the shape of Africa. At first glance the image is figurative, of an African woman gazing into the distance. But the more one looks at her the more surreal her proportions become, the hollowed voids of her eyes taking on the haunted mask-like quality of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

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