Star-struck partners reach for the heavens

Star-struck partners reach for the heavens

16 August 2013

By Todd Balazovic (China Daily)

The Gazelle, which is used by the French and British militaries, has a maximum airspeed of 310 kilometers (193 miles) per hour and has night-vision capability in its cockpit, the Ichikowitz Family Foundation said in an e-mailed statement today. It will be used to spot poachers.

“During war time, the strategic advantage always belongs to the force that has superior air power,” Ichikowitz said. “The Gazelle will strengthen South African National Parks’s existing forces.”

South Africa is militarizing its force of park rangers as poachers kill more rhinos to feed a market for horns in Vietnam and China, where buyers believe they can heal ailments and improve a person’s libido. A record 891 rhinos have been poached this year, 548 of them in the Kruger National Park, a reserve the size of Israel that has a border with Mozambique.

Ichikowitz is the executive chairman of closely held Paramount Group (Pty) Ltd., which produces armored fighting vehicles, including the Marauder mine-protected personnel carrier, and supplies parts for the Mirage jet fighter.


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