Luxury Tourism

Ivor Ichikowitz is co-owner of the luxury brand Molori Private Retreats, which gives its clients exclusive access to a wide ranging portfolio of stunning and secluded residences, plus hotels, and yacht / aircraft charter facilities in coveted locations across South Africa, Australia, Europe and the USA. Molori promises the ‘ultimate luxury experience’ - and always lives up to that promise. Offering bespoke solutions to the lifestyle needs of its international clientele, the very minutest attention is paid to every detail of Molori guests’ comfort and relaxation. The Molori Safari Lodge in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve, for example, has been described in Forbes magazine as the ‘Camp David of Africa’, frequented by leading statesmen and celebrities and assuring absolute privacy with guaranteed luxury. Molori Private Retreats has built its philosophy on the seamless combination of a uniquely local experience with an undeniably international appeal.