The Ichikowitz Family Foundation would like to express our alarm at the xenophobic attacks that South Africa has witnessed over the last few days against our fellow Africans living and working in our cities.

We condemn these acts of xenophobic violence in the strongest possible terms.

These attacks against our fellow human beings have to stop immediately and the root causes driving these terrible acts need to be urgently addressed and prioritized by the South African Authorities.

We have raised our concerns with the South African Government to take all necessary steps to safeguard and protect the lives, property and human dignity of every foreign national living, working and visiting our country.

As a Foundation based in South Africa, we have always regarded ourselves as African first and foremost, serving the interest of our continent and its people with honour, pride and respect.

We are firm believers in the African ethos of ubuntu; we exist because of others and it is this philosophy which underpins our commitment to Africa, its leaders and its people to build and sustain societies which are safe, prosperous and welcoming to fellow Africans.

We might speak different tongues, subscribe to different belief systems and social traditions, but ultimately the only race we belong to is the human race, and the only continent we belong to is the continent of Africa.

Our Constitution states very clearly that “SOUTH AFRICA BELONGS TO ALL WHO LIVE IN IT” and we regard it as our mission as responsible and peace-loving citizens to do everything in our power to fight xenophobia at every level of our society.

It is our hope that we can turn these terrible events into a call to each one of us to help build a continent where we stand firmly together to live by the principles of tolerance, human dignity, kindness and non-racism.

Ivor Ichikowitz Chairman,
Ichikowtiz Family Foundation